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Garnet Abrasive

Prime Garnet is a semi-precious mineral extracted from naturally occurring Sea and river mineral deposits. The garnet from river is harder and heavier than their Sea counterparts, also they find purpose as abrasive in a variety of industrial applications. Garnet scores 7.5 to 8.5 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness.


River garnet grains are used as natural blasting agents and they are gradually replacing other blasting media in industrial applications. The River garnet is valued for its uniform physical and chemical texture, which ensures high performance and makes them ideal for the blasting operations in various industrial niches. Prime Garnet will allow you to cut down your ecological carbon footprint because they are environmentally friendly and reusable, thereby eliminating the potential health risks associated with other regular blasting abrasives such as silica sand.


At Shiv Shakti Minerals, we offer Prime Garnet mined from best Abrasive mineral deposits around the river areas of North India.


Prime  Garnet is available in a variety of abrasive grades to suit most industrial applications.

(A) Single washed Garnet 

(B) Double-Washed Garnet

(C) Eco Garnet


Mineral  Composition (Typical)

   Garnet                                                            97-98%

   IImenite                                           1-2%             

   Zircon                                              < 0.20%

   Quarts (Free Silica)             < 0.50%




Average Chemical Composition (Typical)

Sio2                                                                       35-38%

Al2O3                                                   18.5%              

Fe0                                                       33-34%      

TiO2                             1.5 % Max.

MnO2                                                  1% Max.

CaO                                                     3% Max.

  MgO                                                  2% Max    





Physical Analysis

Specific Gravity

4.1 – 4.3


31 µS/cm at 25.50 C


 Below 25 PPM


7.5-8.5Moh Scale


0.18 %


2.49 gm/cm3


Red Pink

Acid Solubility(Hel)


Grain shape

Sub Angular

Toxic Substances